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Are Caterpillars Eating My Trees?

Have you noticed tiny black pellets all over your deck or driveway from your Oak tree? This could be a number of different types of caterpillars or web worms that tend to infect oak, Maple, ash trees In the area. We have made a list below of the three most common types of caterpillars and how to combat them.


If you have noticed large webs on your tree branches in Norcross encasing the leaves like spiderwebs, this could be an indicator of Webworm. Web worms in Norcross are really just caterpillars that can with webs like spiders around the foliage and seed on all of the leaves. This could put your tree under stress and cause leaf loss or leaf drop. You can spot the web worms by either black and red head and green body lined with stripes. The best way to get rid of web worms is to consult a certified Arborist in Norcross to provide a treatment plan for your trees to prevent them from coming back later in the season. However you can purchase something called dormant oil at your local garden store which will kill the eggs of the web worms themselves. However, if The oil does not prevail, a certified Arborist from North American Tree Service will have to spray the tree with a heavier insecticide in order to kill all of the eggs. Performing proper pruning techniques on your tree regularly can prevent web worms from taking over all together.

Spiny Oak Worms

If you have noticed I brown and black caterpillar with the bright yellow stripes and spikes on its back you might have a case of the spiny oak worms! These common little past turn black as they mature and they tend to feed on newly sprouted leaves. In order to read your trees of these oak worms, a certified Arborist from North American Tree Service will have to spray bio-pesticide in spring while the caterpillars are active in order to prevent a re-occurrence.


Leaf rollers are small caterpillar‘s that are green or brown and have small heads. These caterpillars, like web worms, also spin webs but they use these waves to tie their foliage into a feeding area. Leaf rollers can’t devour an entire tree ever time so it is important that you address the entire station while it is still early. A certified Arborist in Norcross will recommend a treatment plan for your tree to prevent another infestation of the leaf rollers, as they can cause permanent damage on your oak trees over time. However, removing all of the branches and leaves that contain the webbing can significantly reduce the number of leaf rollers that are on your Oak trees in Norcross.

These are just a couple of different types of caterpillars and pass that commonly affect oak trees in Norcross, However if your tree is showing signs of disease, leaf drop, yellowing, holes, etc. it is important that you contact your local certified Arborist to have your trees evaluated properly and professionally by tree experts.If you have any questions about these past or your trees, please call the office using the link below to receive a free estimate on your trees!

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When Should I Prune My Trees?


Dormant months for your trees are right around the corner and it’s the time to prune! Pruning in Grayson provides many different health and aesthetic benefits. Tree care practices pruning not just for the aesthetic appeals but to remove the dead and dying limbs in order for your tree to get the maximum amount of nutrients and live longer without disease. Removing these dead and dying branches will make the tree stronger and create a safe environment for you and your belongings.

So when should I prune my trees?

During winter, trees enter a dormant season, preventing them from growing. Pruning while the tree is inactive is generally best for the tree ensuring new growth for the following season. Pruning your trees in Grayson during summer months could limit the number of new buds and flowers the tree produces for that season.

The dead and dying branches only can and should be removed at first notice as they are sucking the nutrients out of the tree and could potentially open the tree up to pests and disease.

Depending on the health of your tree, a Certified Arborist in Grayson will be able to recommend a pruning plan. They will usually recommend a time between late fall and early spring.

Dormant season pruning can prevent you from having expenses on disease and removal of dying trees in Grayson in the future.

Make sure to talk to your local Certified Arborist about all your tree care needs. North American Tree Service in Grayson, Ga. can give you a free estimate along with personalized recommendations for specific care and treatment.

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