When Should I Prune My Trees?


Dormant months for your trees are right around the corner and it’s the time to prune! Pruning in Grayson provides many different health and aesthetic benefits. Tree care practices pruning not just for the aesthetic appeals but to remove the dead and dying limbs in order for your tree to get the maximum amount of nutrients and live longer without disease. Removing these dead and dying branches will make the tree stronger and create a safe environment for you and your belongings.

So when should I prune my trees?

During winter, trees enter a dormant season, preventing them from growing. Pruning while the tree is inactive is generally best for the tree ensuring new growth for the following season. Pruning your trees in Grayson during summer months could limit the number of new buds and flowers the tree produces for that season.

The dead and dying branches only can and should be removed at first notice as they are sucking the nutrients out of the tree and could potentially open the tree up to pests and disease.

Depending on the health of your tree, a Certified Arborist in Grayson will be able to recommend a pruning plan. They will usually recommend a time between late fall and early spring.

Dormant season pruning can prevent you from having expenses on disease and removal of dying trees in Grayson in the future.

Make sure to talk to your local Certified Arborist about all your tree care needs. North American Tree Service in Grayson, Ga. can give you a free estimate along with personalized recommendations for specific care and treatment.

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